The Tammabukku Chronicles

“Liquid chocolate for the brain!” Five-star Amazon review

THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES is the mystical quantum saga of the once and future Tammabukku and its core initiates whose oath to end the earthly enslavement of souls no deception or death could impede.


As with the preceding volumes, KNIGHTS AND HIGH PRIESTESSES OF THE RED DRAGON deals with the immediate present, the past present and the future present. The main characters traverse time and space through time travel and rebirth to be together and come to terms with who they once were and who they strive to be.


The quintet is paradoxical in that it celebrates the esoteric while revering what the protagonists refer to as the sacred mundane. Its themes of reincarnation, time travel, the multiverse, parallel worlds, the nonexistence of time and the infinite power for good that exists in humanity are seamlessly woven together into timeless love stories, not only of lovers, but families, dear friends and the eternal bond of our primordial soul tribe. The incredible story of Lamagir and Angharat, a timeless Adam and Eve, and their struggle to complete their mission in this maddening world and reunite their broken tribe is heartwrenching, but also the ultimate testament to the reality that love is indeed the most powerful force in the Universe.

Deborah Kaya

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