TAMMABUKKU is the fourth installment of THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES and the epicenter of the quantum quintet. In this volume, readers will time travel along with the main characters to fourth century Roman Britain to the time of the extraordinary ancient mystery school, TAMMABUKKU and unveil the mysteries at the root of all the strange and uncanny occurrences of their lives.


Come along with us to fourth-century Roman Britain when David Pierson was Vericus Gemellus, a brilliant and rebellious Roman soldier and Lia was Talaith, the soft in nature but equally powerful and strong Druid priestess whom he adored. In this book we learn the truth about Angharat and Lamagir, the primordial mother and father of the tribe.


In this volume, you will learn the tragic truth behind the horrific events that led to the demise of Tammabukku, a school intended to metamorphosis into what became King Arthur’s Camelot. Whereas Camelot lasted longer than Tammabukku, it too ultimately failed.


Will the ideal of Tammabukku and Camelot be more than just one brief and shining magical moment, or a reality that can be sustained on Earth? Despite all evidence to the contrary and the relentless work of the sinister forces that destroyed the dream of Tammabukku, the core initiates who Lamagir made his eternal Knights of the Red Dragon and High Priestesses of the Old Religion are determined to make the impossible dream possible.

The symbol of Tammabukku
The lover protagonists of the quintet
Adam and Eve uplifters

Vericus and Talaith, the lover protagonists of the quintet, and Lamagir and Angharat, Adam and Eve uplifters.

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