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Blue Apples Press will be releasing Inner Magnets, Volume 2 of The Tammabukku Chronicles, on March 9th.

Serch Bythol, Volume One of The Tammabukku Chronicles, published by Blue Apples Press is available on Amazon in both print and eBook form.


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            Welcome to the official website for the quantum                 fiction quartet, THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES!

Here is the book trailer for Volume Two, INNER MAGNETS! If you like it and have a YouTube account, please like the video! Every like counts.

"We can choose our lives and our companions. Once we realize that, we no longer think of anything as random. Who and what you want to come back to you, does."

--Deborah Brenner, Author One of THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES.

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                          "Time is an illusion. Change is not."

                                      --Ambrose de Ripariis

THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES is a quartet that traverses multiple dimensions, with a core theme of timeless love. The quartet’s six main characters see a multitude of times and eras. Throughout their many lifetimes, these initiates must ward off ancient enemies who despise them for their role in the downfall of Tammabukku, which was anything but the path to ascension that its enigmatic leader, Lamagir, promised it to be.

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